ChangeNow.io - Scam. Illegally holding of 100 BCH (11 bitcoins).

I own a certain amount of cryptocurrency and I buy new currencies very rarely.
I am not a trader and therefore I have not registered on real exchanges. ~Anonymous instant exchangers were enough for me.
And a few days ago I went to ChangeNow.io and sent them 100 BCH. They had to send me 11 bitcoins. (You may think it is crazy.... Maybe yes.)
But time passes and I see a message that my transaction seems suspicious and they demand to provide documents and information about funds origin.
I began to write to them that I was not going to send them anything and demanded that they simply return 100 BCH back. They refused me and continued to demand documents and information about the origin of the funds.
I got tired of all this and took the first picture from google.images (with someone's passport). Why did I do this? Because I did not take this bucket shop seriously. This is not a company - they have no address, no phone, they do not even have a real company name. I'm sure it's just a few people working from home. I did not want to say anything about myself, because I did not break anything. But I still explained about the purity of my BCH and it was perfectly visible from the very beginning:
  1. There is only one incoming transaction(a few months ago) and one outgoing transaction(to ChangeNow.io) on the wallet.
  2. The origin of funds on this wallet is another my wallet (this wallet was created 5 years ago(before bitcoin hardfork) and it was replenished only once(5 years ago))
That is, I have owned this funds for 5 years. This funds are absolutely clean. They agreed with this but then they demanded to make a selfie with my passport and piece of paper (ChangeNow + Date). I began to argue with them, demanding to return BCH back, because they are clean and they themselves know it.
As a result, I had no choice but to make a photo of real passport and make a selfie with a passport and a piece of paper. I sent it to them and said that the previous photo was sent accidentally due to ignorance and misunderstanding of the seriousness of the situation.
Now they say that due to the fact that I deceived them they will now check my photos with regulating authorities.
Do you understand all this madness? They know perfectly well that I am the owner of absolutely clean BCH and they do not return them back. I do not demand them to make an exchange. I just demand to return this BCH back to the legal wallet.
This is not their property. Why do they hold them? I gave them everything and they now tell me that they will check my documents through regulating authorities (indefinitely - no time limits, no guarantees, nothing).
Who are they to hold my property? They are thieves. And I repeat, this is not a bank, and it's not a real exchange like Binance or CoinBase, which is responsible for his work and controlled by the state. These guys - are nobody and nobody knows who are they and it is absolutely unclear for what purpose they find out the identity of the owner of such a large amount of cryptocurrency.
I will provide proof of this to any moderator (if necessary)


UPDATE 2018-07-15

They still have not returned my funds. I remind you I sent all the photos they needed 9 days ago. They say that they are conducting an investigation. They themselves say that they do not know how long it will take. In other words, they say:
"We took your funds, and we will not return it to you until we want."
But what kind of investigation can be conducted by these anonyms for more than 9 days? Blockchain shows that I own funds for 5 years. The presence of many coins on my wallets indicates that private keys were not stolen. What else can they investigate? There is no doubt that they are just trying to find a way to leave this funds to themselves. I'm sure they just wait until we all shut up and everyone will forget about it.
Bitcointalk scam accusation topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4647308.0


UPDATE 2018-07-18

They still have not returned my funds. I remind you I sent all the photos they needed 12 days ago. They say that they are conducting an investigation... in the time when blockchain shows that I own funds for 5 years. The presence of many coins on my wallets indicates that private keys were not stolen.


UPDATE 2018-10-13

They returned my coins on 2018-10-13(after 3 months of illegal holding and 2.5 months of absolute ignore for all my emails).

In recent weeks, nothing new has been happened for ChangeNOW. Everything was absolutely the same as in recent months. My helpers distributed links to my topics and informed people about the situation.

The only thing that was added was that in recent weeks, Changelly, Atomic Wallet and Guarda began to be together with the ChangeNOW in most of messages. Also, many of you have seen the red banner dedicated to Changelly.

I am sure that this St. Petersburg group analyzed the situation and was frightened that if the shadow falls on all their services, they will lose much more than 100 BCH. And only because of this fear, they decided to return the money to me and change KYC-Refund policy (perhaps temporarily... until "Europol's" directions). I am sure of it so much that I can bet 100 BCH.So do not be idiots and do not think that they have corrected and decided to be honest. They are just pathetic cowards who were afraid of losing more than they stole from me.

My conclusion: All of these services are scammers and I believe that such people have no place in the crypto world, they disgrace it and lower the trust of cryptocurrency. Do not work with them or support them.



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